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Preparation work

The main outputs in the preparatory phase of the project were:

  • Transversal analysis of the desk research carried out. All the data collected in the first part of the project was analysed to help partners know how to proceed in their next steps when reviewing the curricula and preparing the CPD course  
  • Repository of interesting practices and useful literature sources. Materials in different languages were collected mainly from the seven partner countries of the project



This phase produced the following main items:

  • Analysis of the data collected from migrant and ethnic minority students expressing their opinion about what could be done to improve the integration of cultural diversity in HE – contact us to consult the data collected
  • 21 reviewed curricula in different disciplines and at different HE levels that integrate intercultural support – contact us to consult the curricula interventions designed and tested in the partner institutions
  • A set of Guidelines for academics and non-academics on how to create intercultural learning environments (EN, FR, DE)
  • Generic CPD course structure for HE staff working with migrant and ethnic minorities (EN, FR, DE)
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Policy agenda

The data and the feedback collected in the preparatory and implementation periods, the  transnational activities and 57 pieces of policy evidence in place collected by the partnership were the basis to draft a policy paper addressed to HEIs and policy makers at national and European levels. Partners first produced a draft paper which was consulted with stakeholders in different ways, modified and finally validated in Spring 2018. The resulting key document is titled Policy Recommendations: 10 ways to increase the impact of diversity policies in Higher Education (EN, FR, DE). The policy recommendations are addressed to policy makers, institutions and staff of HE and focus on on how to better integrate cultural diversity practices which are grounded in research and on consultations with stakeholders and policy. This document is a synthesis of a full report analysing current European, national and institutional policies that make provision for the integration of cultural diversity in HE. You may be interested in consulting the Glossary prepared by the HE4u2 consortium, which collects the key terminology used along the project.