There is a clear need for training teachers working with migrant students, to reform the delivery of support for these learners, integrating at the same time an intercultural dimension for all learners. HE4u2 has developed an approach to the intercultural dimension of existing curricula, a generic CPD courses for staff, and a set of policy recommendations focusing on the curricula and the teachers of adults in HE, who often provide access for disadvantaged groups, are student-centred, have specialised support and are linked to regional agencies.


Work undertaken

  • Meta-analysis of best practices from relevant research and tools across Europe and survey of current learners from diverse backgrounds to obtain their views
  • Description of innovative pedagogic interventions in 21 different curricula and elaboration of a set of guidelines for developing such curricula
  • Generic CPD course incorporating the possibility to offer ECTS, for HE staff
  • Policy recommendations for HEIs and national and European policy makers

Partners have worked with policy actors at national level whereas eucen has done it at European level throughout the project


Outputs of the project

  • Transversal Analysis of the desk research carried out
  • Repository of best practices and useful literature sources
  • Analysis of the data collected from migrant and ethnic minority students
  • Interventions in 21 curricula in different disciplines and at diverse HE levels that integrate intercultural support
  • Set of Guidelines for HE staff giving guidance to migrant and ethnic minorities
  • Generic Course for HE staff working with migrant and ethnic minorities


Policy agenda

HE4u2 contributes to the reform of teaching and learning making HEIs more diversified, responsive and competitive with an in-depth analysis and a set of adaptable outputs. Its innovative approach of integrating inclusive pedagogy into existing curricula can mediate obstacles for learners from migrant backgrounds and value their contribution to the intercultural dimension for all learners. The guidelines and the generic CPD course for HE staff pin-points the key issues to be improved.
This work results into the production of a set of policy recommendations to impact on the national and European policy agenda

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The project has had 3 transnational events in which different levels of members of staff of 7 different EU countries have participated. These transnational events have given the opportunity to participants to share different views and different problems, discuss how to face these situations and learn from each other.
The transnational events took place in Barcelona (January 2016), Porto (November 2016) and Thessalonica (September 2017).
HE4u2 also organised two consultation activities: one online (March 2018) and another face-to-face in Brussels (April 2018). These two consultations were opened to key stakeholders.
The project ended with its final dissemination symposium in Barcelona, 15 November 2018, a multicultural activity that brought together students, alumni, practitioners, researchers, managerial leaders of HE and representatives of NGOs.


How to be involved?

Do you like our project and would like to work with us in future activities emerging from HE4u2? You can contact the project [he4u2@eucen.eu] and request to be added to our “Diversity distribution list”.