Final Symposium of HE4u2 in Barcelona, 15 November 18

Are in you interested in integrating cultural diversity in your classrooms? Have you found the way to make cultural diversity an asset for you and your groups of learners?

Join us in Barcelona 15-16 November 2018 for the final Symposium of the HE4u2 project! We will explore why cultural diversity is important, how to enhance it at higher education level, how integration of diversity has helped migrant students and which interesting practices have been proved to be better learning environments!

The final Symposium of the HE4u2 project overlaps with eucen Autumn Seminar.  You are welcome to register for both activities. The HE4u2 Final Symposium is free and co-financed by the EC through its Forward Looking programme under Erasmus+

Join us for the HE4u2 event only (free) or join us for the full 2018 eucen Autumn Seminar!